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Meet the Management: Pioneers of Strategic Growth and Development

Dr. (Prof.) M. M. Mangal - Principal & Controller, Pacific Medical College & Hospital

Dr.(Prof.) M. M. Mangal


Dr. (Prof.) Madan Mohan Mangal has joined as Principal & Controller, Pacific Medical College & Hospital on December 08, 2021. He had a very brilliant academics carrier in his student life, graduated from RNT Medical College Udaipur and subsequently MS (General Surgery) from RNT Medical College Udaipur. He has been teaching MBBS, MS students since last 45 years and is an astute administration and teacher.

Pacific Medical College and Hospital sets a high standard for its programs and high Expectations for its participants. In the coming years you will be rewarded with a great experience of Learning. We promote high levels of innovative learning and assessment through our derived patterns. You can expect integrated mix of lectures, access to well design study materials and online learning resources. This active learning model teacher students to access, analyse and deal with complex situations rooted in real life experiences. The teaching method develops analytical skills, sound judgement and the leadership potential within each student. This will equip you with cutting-edge skills that will position you to be a leader in your organisation and community. We deliberately structure our programs to assure a vibrant mix of students representing diverse cultures and Geographic regions. The teaching provided here will challenge your assumptions, innovation and your ways of thinking. You will be prepared for the next step in your career and life, demonstrating leadership skills among your peers. Most importantly, you will come with the fresh ideas, new skills and great capacity for addressing the challenges. We wish you well in your academic endeavours and assure you of our continuous support towards realising your goals.


Dr. (Prof.) Madan Mohan Mangal has a teaching experience for MBBS and MS since last 45 years. He has been Examiner for MBBS & MS (General Surgery) at various Universities in India. He has been Professor & Head of General Surgery at RNT Medical College of Rajasthan and Principal & Controller / President of Pacific Medical College and Hospital.

Dr. Davender Singh Sarangdevot - Registrar - Pacific Medical College And Hospital

Dr. Davender Singh Sarangdevot


I am pleased to welcome you to the Pacific Medical College & Hospital, Bhilon Ka Bedla, Pratap Pura, Udaipur. We are committed to provide you innovative health care education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality training in the field of medical & natural health and transnational bio medical education, with the help of competent and highly educated team of faculty & staff members. As you all aware that today our society demands multi-faceted health practitioners, ones who are good at excellent communication, clinical problem solvers; one who can justify clients & patients; having knowledge in the scientific basis of healthcare; and confident, self-aware professionals. These qualities inform every aspect of curriculum development at Pacific Medical University, Udaipur. You are coming to this important stage in your professional life at a unique time.

Mr. D. K . Gupta - Chief Finance Officer - Pacific Medical College And Hospital

Mr. D. K . Gupta

(Chief Finance Officer)

The true mission of the greatest universities of the world is to better human conditions through improving the quality of life. We also believe in that and are already regarded as an university with an extraordinary foundation of academic excellence and global impact. We have enormous potential to build on these strengths and rise to even greater heights of distinction, scholarship and service. But to realize this aspiration, we must chart a new course of action, an equally transFormative vision to guide our actions and define our future. The new century offeres a new beginning. In the face of new challenges and a fresh opportunities, let us work for greater accomplishments with our single-minded determination and unremitting efforts