CITIZEN’S CHARTERCitizen’s Charter


"A Commitment to Excellence in Healthcare Delivery and Patient Satisfaction."

Radiology ➔

The department of Radio diagnosis & Imaging is co-located with the central reception/registration and emergency. It has four x Ray rooms with 300 & 500 MA static digital X Ray machines and 100 MA mobile ones. The digital machines have fluoroscopy facility. The film processing is done through computerized radiography system.
The ultrasonography section of the department has two high end color Doppler machines, a mammography machine and two portable machines. The department is under expansion with an MRI and CT scanner being under procurement.

Pathology ➔

The umbrella department of Pathology has sub departments such as Histopathology, Oncopathology, Cytopathology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, & Bio Chemistry. The department of Microbiology has sections for Bacteriology, Virology & Mycobacteriology. All the sub departments are equipped with highly sophisticated and latest models of equipment such as bactecfor microbiology, cobas in biochemistry & Microscopes in Histopathology. All routine & special tests are performed every day.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ➔

The hospital has a total of 25 intensive care beds distributed in various departments i.e.

Departments Intensive care beds

All the intensive care ward are fully epuipped with central oxygen/suction/air on each bed and are supported by critical care equipments like,Central Monitoring System, ventilators, Defibrillators, Multipara-monitors, Blood gas analyzer, ECG Machines, Pulse oxy meter, Infusion pumps, Syinge pump, nebulizers, mobile X-ray and Ultra sound machines.The intensive care units are under the control of highly qualified critical care specialist and specially trained nursing & paramedical staff.

OT (Operation Theaters) ➔

The hospital has a total of 7 major OT’s are operational. The operation theaters are fully air conditioned with heppa-filters & are modular type.Each OT is equipped with very high quality OT lights, operation tables and state of the art anesthesia work station, monitors, Defibrillators, Cautary, ventilators, Infusion pumps, C-arm image intensifier and other accessories. Strict infection control measures are observed round the clock by applying standard protocols. One major & one minor OT is available in casualty department. Minor OT’s are also available in surgical, Gynecology and ENT OPD’s. Minimal invasive surgery & Endoscopic surgery in Gastro, Urology and Laparoscopic surgery is also available.


Pre-Operative 5
Pre-Operative 5