CITIZEN’S CHARTERCitizen’s Charter


Dr. (Prof.) A.P. Gupta (Principal & Controllar, Prof. of Pediatrics)

Sr. No. Name of Award Year Given By
1 Best Graduate in 1975 1975 Dean, S.P. Medical College, Bikaner(Raj.)
2 PGI Medal for Pediatrics 1979 Prime Minister of India Shri Morarji Desai, in Convocation
3 Life Member- Indian Academy of Pediatrics 1992 Indian Academy of Pediatrics
4 Life Member- National Neonatology Forum 2007 National Neonatology Forum, New Delhi
5 Best Worker for Blood Donation in Kota Division 2007 By Shri Yunus Khan - Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Rajasthan.
6 Member, National Academy of Medical Sciences 2009 By National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
7 President, Indian Academy of Pediatrics,Udaipur 2010,2011 By Indian Academy of Pediatrcs, Udaipur(Raj.)
8 President, National Neonatology Forum, Rajasthan State 2009,2011 By National Neonatology Forum, Rajasthan State.
9 Organising Chairman- "Raj Neocon 2011" Nov-2011 By Rajasthan Chapter of - National Neonatology Forum.
10 Faculty with MCI Credit Score of 5 - "Raj Neocon 2017" Nov-2017 By Deptt. of Pediatrics, Geetanjali Medical College And Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Dr. Amitabh Kumar (Prof. & Head Pharmacology)

Sr. No. Name of Award Year Given By
1 Jewel of India (For Teaching) 06/06/2014 Indian Solidarity Council Of India New Delhi
2 Vijay Rattan Gold Medal Award for teaching and research 06/06/2014 International Institute of education and management. New Delhi
3 Star of Asia Award for Teaching 02/08/2014 Global Achivers Foundation at Kathmandu, Nepal
4 Asia Pacific Achivers Award for contribution in the field of education. 15/06/2014 By I.S.C. taskent UzBekistan
5 Best Teacher in Medical Pharmacology Gold Medal Award. 11/04/2015 By Indian Solidarity Council.
6 Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar 30/05/2015 By Chief Minister of Uttarakhand
7 Best Teacher in Medical Pharmacology Award. 11/04/2015 By Intellectual People & Economic Growth Association
8 Pride of India International Award By Dr. Mahan Vir Tulli I.F.S.(Retd.), International institute of education & management

Dr. S.C.Kabra (Professor, Community Medicine)

Sr. No. Name of Award Year Given By
1 Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated services & expertise at 412Airforce Station in Medical field 08/10/2008 By F H Major (Airchief Marshal)