CITIZEN’S CHARTERCitizen’s Charter
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Dr. (Prof.) A.P. Gupta


We at Pacific Medical University envisage to lay a foundation for an educational infrastructure, which will serve as a platform to provide world class training to the students across the region. “We need to encourage excellence in our University now more than ever”. Our Vision is to make this University, a leading Medical and Health Sciences University in the entire country in its relentless journey towards excellence. A continuous focus on change can be linked to the trends in medicine such as new technology, new research and the changing health care needs of our society. Students must be prepared to deal with all the competing forces of a rapidly changing health care system and demonstrate the qualities of professionalism during medical school and throughout their careers. It must be clear that we are committed to the best outcome for the patient. Each student must be constantly on guard to protect, defend, and be an advocate for patients. To accomplish this, you must be diligent in your studies to acquire and extend your medical knowledge. Our learning atmosphere is enriched through the diversity brought to it by the students, faculty and staff from all over the country. As we take a look into the future our younger generations will be spending their lives and careers in a world where National boundaries will be less significant Pacific Medical University is committed to engage and fulfill creative innovations in education and research to meet the requirements of the changing society Pacific Medical University with persistently cultivate its excellence to emerge as a premier University. My best wishes to you all.