Academic Activities

S.No. Date Name of Speakers/Trainer Designation/Department Topic
95 02/11/2018 Dr. R. K. Sharma Dept. of Medicine Diabetes-Current diagnosis and management.
94 13/10/2018 Dr.Rajrani Sharma & Dr. K.C. Vyas Dept of Obs. & Gynae and Dept. of General Surgery Live Surgical Workshop on Redical Hysterectomy
93 05/10/2018 Dr.B.M. Swalka Dept. of Psychiatry Psychiatric Perspective of Nature v/s Nurture
92 22-23/09/2018 Dr. Atulabh Vajpayee & Others Dept. Of Neurosciences 8th Udaipur course on Neurosciences update-2018- "Relooking past and Focusing of Future."
91 10/08/2018 Dr. A.P. Gupta Dept. of Paediatrics Immunization in Adolscents and HIV affected patients.
90 08/06/2018 Dr. Sanchita Dashora Dept. Of Obs. & Gynae Hypertension in pregnancy
89 26/05/018 Dr. Samil Sajal Dept. Of Medicine Management of the Snake Bite
88 11/05/2018 Dr. K.R. Sharma Dept. Of Medicine Male Infertility
87 13/04/2018 Dr. Dhawal Vyas Dept. Of Medicaine Functional Dyspepsia
86 23/03/2018 Dr. Dinesh Kothari DBTO Udaipur Issues of Revised National TB Control Programme.
85 21/03/2018 Dr. Parikshit Tank Honorary Prof. in Dept. of Reproductive Medicine IVF-Present Scenario in PMCH
84 22/02/2018 Dr.(Prof.) B.P. Sharma V.C. PAHER Reaearch Methodology
83 22/12/2017 Dr. Onjal Taywade, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry Dept. Of Biochemistry "Assessment of utility of cell free DNA and HsCRP as prognostic markers in acute ischemic stroke"
82 Dr.Ashish Sharma, Tutor, Department of Biochemistry Dept. Of Biochemistry "Comparative Study of Atorvastatin and Resuvastation on Serum Lipid Profile in Cardiac Patients with Diabetes"
81 08/12/2017 Dr. Hanuwant Singh, Senior Resident.- General
Surgery Deptt.
Dept. Of Surgery "Management of LUPS"
80 24/11/2017 Dr. Suraj Jain, Ass. Professor, Department of Pathology Dept. Of Pathology "Morphological analysis of Coronary Atherosclerosis-An autopsy study"
79 Dr.Preeti Agrawal, Asso. Professor, Department of Pathology Dept. Of Pathology "Prevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infection among blood donors at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Southern Rajasthan"
78 10/11/2017 Dr. Ravi Bhatia,Asst.Professor, Pediatrics Dept. Dept. Of Pediatrics Vaccination Case Base Scenario.
77 13/10/2017 Dr.K.R. Sharma Dept. Of Medicine Diabetic Complications- Current Medical Review
76 29/09/2017 Dr. Prabal Joshi,Professor Physiology Dept. Of Physiology Plasma free fatty acid concentration as a marker for Acute Myocardinal infarction.
75 Dr. Yogesh Kacha, Asst. Prof., Physiology Effect of mobile phone radiation on heart rate variability of healthy young subjects.
74 25/08/2017 Dr. Monali Hiwarkar, Asst. Prof. Anantomy Dept. Of Anatomy Voluntary Body Donation- A Survey of awareness among teaching staff of Medical College in Nagpur.
73 Dr. Isha Shrivastava, Tutor The evaluation of anthropometric parameters to predict cardiovascular disease risk factors in adult population of western Rajasthan.
72 11/08/2017 Dr.T.D.Khatri (Jaipur ) and Dr. Rupa Sharma (RNT Medical College, Udaipur) Central Bureau of Health Intelligence(MOHFW,GOI) Jaipur Unit Half Day Sesitization Workshop on Use of International Classification of Disease(ICD-10)
71 17/06/2017 Dr. K C. Vyas General Surgery Parentral Nutrition: Administration & Management
70 20/05/2017 Dr. Alpesh Doshi-University College of London University College Of London Why do Embryos Dont Implant.
69 17/05/2017 Dr. K.C. Vyas General Surgery Webcast on sepsis in hernia repair by MESH
68 11/04/2017 Dr. Guru Bhushan, Asst. Prof. Plastic Surgery - Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery: An Overview
67 17/03/2017 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Pediatrics Management of Dog Bite
66 11/03/2017 Dr.Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs An Overview of Harmonal Intrauterine Devices.
65 18/02/2017 Shyamma Chenna   Meditation With Pyramid
64 17-19/01/2017 Dr. Neeraj Mahajan, MCI Regional Nodal Center, NHL Medical College & Hospital, Ahmedabad. Medical Education Unit PMCH 1st Revised Basic Course Workshop On Medical Education Technology.
63 14/01/2017 Dr. Shweta Mittal, IVF Specialist from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Gyne & Obs IVF-What is New?
62 15/12/2016 Dr. Atulabh Vajpeyee Dept. Of Neurology Acute Stroke: Awareness & Management
61 19-20/11/2016 Dr. Apoorva Vyas, Bariatric Sugeon Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad Deptt.of General Surgery PathoPhysiology of Morbid Obesity and Robotic Surgery-An Advanced Technique in Bariatric Surgery(CME and Surgical Workshop)
60 18/11/2016 Dr. Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs Bye Bye Anaemia:Welcome Newer Parentral Iron Therapy.
59 25/10/2016 Dr. Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs Newer Contraceptive Drospirenone
58 22/10/2016 Dr. K R Sharma Dept. Of Medicine A Prognostic Role Of Serum FSH In The Management of AZOOSPERMIA.
57 15/10/2016 Surgery Department Dept. Of Surgery WEBINAR: Vague Functional Dyspepisa
56 09/10/2016 Dr. Srujal Shah,CIIM Hospital Ahmedabad Deptt.of Surgery A Live Workshop on Surgery of Varicose Veins and Venous Ulcers
55 8/10/2016 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Asst.Prof.Pediatrics Vaccination: What is new?
54 1/10/2016 Dr. KC Vyas Prof.& HOD (Surgery) Constipation
53 24/09/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas General Surgery Video Presentation on IBD/IBS
52 10/09/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas,Dr. B.M.Soni,Dr. Gaurav Wadhawan General Surgery Surgical Safety Programme (SSP) for the JR's, Endoscopy and ICU/ER Staff
51 8/8/2016 Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy Swaminathan Scientific Director,CRM Bangalore IVF:The Basics,Present & Beyond
50 6/8/2016 Dr.Rajrani Sharma Sr.Prof. & HOD Gynae & Obs Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week
49 4/6/2016 Dr.Vinod Joshi Scientist & head Lab of Virology & Molecular Biology(ICMR)Jodhpur Medical Research need,present & future preparedness
48 28/05/16 Ms. Jyoti Bhadoria Microbiology Scope and Future Prospect of Diagnostic Microbiology.
47 21/5/2016 Guest Faculty & senior Prof. of National repute Obs and Gyne Comprehensive Women's Health Care
46 07/5/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas General Surgery Abdominal Pain in Adults
45 30/4/2016 Dr.P.C.Jain Prof.& HOD ENT Deafness Control Programme:PMCH effort
44 9/4/2016 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Asst. Prof. Pediatrics Pediatrics Obesity
43 20/03/2016 Dr.Atulabh Vajpeyee , Dr.Dheeraj Khurana PGI Chandigarh NeuroSciences Department,PMCH Udaipur Course on Stroke and Interventional Neurology-2016
42 19/03/2016 Dr. Dinesh Kothari-DTO Udaipur and Dr. S.R.Sharma PSM Unite to End TB- WORLD TB DAY
41 13/03/2016 Dr. Arvinder Singh Invitee 7 Effective Thinking Patterns
40 9/1/2016 Dr.K.R.Sharma Asst. Prof. Medicine Vitamin D status among the elderly persons of south Rajasthan
39 19/12/2015 Dr.Jyoti Bhadoria Microbiology Needle stick injury & body fluid exposure prevention& management
38 21/11/2015 Dr. Bipin Baxi Orthopedics Modern Treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee
37 18/11/2015 Dr.K.K. Sharma(From Delhi) IHEC & GCP Guidelines training
37 31/10/2015 Dr. SC Kabra,Dr. Nitin Kothari MEU Coordinator Attitude & Communication (ATCOM) Sensitization and Competency based Medical Education
36 24/10/2015 Dr. S M Kagzi Stenosis in Orthopedics
35 16/10/15 Dr. Prakash Audichya and Dr. R.K.Singh Anaesthesia Deptt. PMCH Patient Safety in Anaesthesia : On World Anaesthesia Day
34 10/10/2015 Dr. Sanchita Dashora Asst Prof Gyne & Obs MTP & PCPNDT ACT: 10 10 2015
33 3/10/2015 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Asst Prof Pediatrics Hypothyroidism : Uncommon presentation of a common disorder
32 26/9/2015 Dr. KG Jangir Sr.Resident (Anaesthesia) Pre Anaesthetic Assesment
31 19/09/15 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Paediatrics Department A Case of Recurrent Anaemia
30 19,20/09/15 Dr. Jasvinder Singh as Guest Faculty Physiotherapy Osteopathy & Chiropractic Physiotherapy Technique for Spine and Pelvic Dysfunction (Basic Module) 2 Day
29 12/9/2015 Dr. KC Vyas Prof.& HOD (Surgery) Haemorrhoids
28 8/8/2015 Dr.S.K. Verma Asst.Prof.(Medicine) Discovery of A Herb for Human Heart
27 25/7/2015 Dr.Amitabh Kumar Prof.& HOD(Pharmacology) Irrational fixed dose combinations
26 23/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal/Mr. Brijesh Bharadwaj Student Lecture BLS Hands on Practice
25 22/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture BLS and ACLS in Pediatric Patients
24 21/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
23 20/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture Basic Life Support (BLS)
22 20/6/2015 Dr.Payal Soni Asst.Prof.(MicroBiology) Emerging & re-emerging infectious diseases
21 06/06/15 Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi,Dean Pacific College of Pharmacy   Writing and Publishing Research Article
20 30/05/15 Dr. Nisha Sharma Asst. Prof. (Gyne & Obs) Intra Uterine Growth Restriction: An obstetricians Dilemma
19 09/05/15 Dr.K.R.Sharma Asst. Prof.(Medicine) Male Infertility-A basic approach
18 29/04/15 Dr. B.S.Bomb Prof.& HOD (Medicine) Thyroid and Pregnancy
17 17/04/15 Dr. M.C. Bansal Gynaecology and Obstetrics Duties and Responsibilities of Resident Doctors
16 14/03/15 Dr. Amitabh Kumar Prof.& HOD(Pharmacology) Rationale use of Antibiotics
15 28/02/15 Dr. Shalini Bansal Asst Prof Gyne & Obs Menopause, what is new?
14 18/02/15 Dr. Ashok Verma Prof.& Head, Medical Director School of Medicine,Miami University(Boston-Florida) USA Guest Lecture Healthcare Systems in Developed and Developing Countries
13 14/02/15 Miss Shalini Jain Community Medicine Know your Students
12 13/12/14 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Asst. Prof(Pediatrics) A rare case of Anaemia
11 12/08/14 Mr. Brijesh Bhardwaj , Dr. Virendra Sharma Anesthesia Dept Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
10 29/11/14 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Pediatrics Immunization guideline-2014 "What is new"
9 26,27/11/14 Mr. Brijesh Bhardwaj , Dr. Virendra Sharma Anesthesia Dept Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
8 8,9/11/14 ENT Dept. ENT Dept. International Cochlear Conclave-2014 and Workshop on Hands on Temporal Bone
7 18/10/14 Dr.K.R.Sharma , Asst Prof. Andrologist Medicine PCOD(Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder)
A critical medical review
6 11/10/2014 Dr. Amitabh Kumar , Dr. Nitin Kothari Pharmacology Pharmaco Vigilance Sensitization Programme
5 30/09/14 Dr.Rajesh Vishwakarma and Mrs.Shilpi Narang ENT Deptt. PMCH Cochlear Implant CME- Pre Conference
4 29/9/14 Dr.Deepak Bhojwani Surgery Department Soft tissue Sarchaoma
3 14/09/14 Surgery Department Surgery Department AAdvanced Laparoscopic Surgical Workshop
2 25/08/14 Dr.Pinnakin Gujjar Anaesthesia Deptt. PMCH Newer Inhalational Anaesthesist Agents
1 20/08/14 Dr.Aron MG from U.K. Orthopaedics,PMCH Live New and Faster Techniques in TKR